Online Learning New Zealand

Wood Training provides world-class online workplace training across New Zealand. Learn at your own pace from your workplace or at home across a range of our popular courses.

Available courses range from Asbestos Awareness, Common Permit to Work Refresher, Health and Safety Risk Assessment, Safety Observer, Gas Testing Refresher and more.



Our online courses have been developed so that you can actively engage with the content, as opposed to a webinar (a passive online seminar).

During your course, you’ll be presented multiple ways of engaging with the learning material from reading resources to completing activities. You complete the course at your own pace, as many times as you need, until you feel ready to complete the online assesment and access your completion certificate.

Course lengths differ, from bite sized online training which can take between 1-4 hours to complete to short courses which take up to 10 hours to complete and may require practical tasks to be completed on-job.

Each course has a dedicated forum where you can reach out for help and assistance around the course content, accessing the course or any technical support. Speaking to a subject matter expert on different parts of the course is as easy as posting a question to the forum.

What Wood Training courses are available online?

Wood Training offers both bite-sized and short courses on a range of subject matters.

Our bite sized courses will take you 1-4 hours to complete depending on your current knowledge and reading ability. These course are completed once you successfully attain 100% in the online assessment.

Bite sized courses include: Asbestos Awareness, Mercury Awareness and Silicosis Awareness.

Our short courses typically take less than 10 hours to complete allowing people time to work at their own pace, depending on current knowledge and reading ability. Your knowledge will be assessed via short quizzes and you will successfully completed this course once you pass the required quizzes and and the evidence you submit for the assessment has been reviewed by a tutor.

Short courses include: Taranaki Passport Plus, Common Permit to Work Refresher, Health and Safety Risk Assessment, Safety Observer and Gas Testing Refresher.


How To Register for Wood Training Online

You can register for our online courses, the same way you would register for any Wood Training course, by completing the enquiry form or emailing

We’ll then discuss any pre-requisite checks and will provide you with an enrolment key and full instructions on how to access your online course.

Will I still receive a certificate?

Yes, at the completion of the course, you will immediately receive a completion badge which you can display and use online (or add to your online wallet). This badge is not a formal certificate, which you can expect to receive 10 working days after the completion of the course.

Not received your certificate after 10 working days? Contact for details.

Are there any online course requirements?

Yes, some online courses have some prerequisites along with the following guidelines for all available courses:

  • You must be comfortable and confident with basic computer skills such as emails, attaching files, and using the internet.
  • Have good levels of literacy (i.e. NCEA Level 1 equivalence)
  • Have access to a resource person to help you with basic computer help, in case you get stuck
  • Have access to a stable broadband internet connection and an email address
  • Have access to a computer with: at least 1 GB RAM and enough hard drive space, modern web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari and a PDF reader like  Adobe Acrobat reader.