Qualified Responder

This course expands on the knowledge and skill of a recruit by providing experiences in various roles including leading the team to respond to an emergency situation. Training includes hazmat response, vertical and horizontal rescue, and basic firefighting (live fire) and scenarios for the team to respond to.


A Qualified Responder certificate will be issued on successful completion of this course

Unit Standard: 3283, 3312, 14562, 23232

Course Content

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Explain decontamination procedures.
  • Prepare and set up decontamination
    facilities in emergency situations.
  • Decontaminate people, equipment and material in emergency situations.
  • Carry out decontamination recording and reporting duties.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the requirements for safe working practices in confined spaces.
  • Select and operate equipment for rescues from confined spaces.
  • Carry out specialised rescues in confined spaces.
  • Recommission confined space equipment and complete reports.
  • Evaluate retrieval possibilities for recovery of a suspended individual after a fall in a particular work context and determine retrieval strategies.
  • Prepare a rescue plan to recover an individual suspended in a safety harness after a fall (in a simulated environment under supervision).
  • Review a rescue plan to recover an individual suspended in a safety harness after a fall (in a simulated environment under supervision).
  • Perform search and rescue techniques and hose and branch handling.

Demonstrate skills and knowledge to lead and execute a rescue

The course focuses on:

  • Air management.
  • Assessment and packaging casualties.
  • Vertical and horizontal rescue in a irrespirable atmosphere.
  • Search and rescue in smoke, heated environment.
  • Authentic rescue scenarios.

Course structure

The course is a combination of theoretical and practical sessions. Students are assessed continuously during the course.

Course prerequisites

  • 3272 Wear and operate breathing apparatus.
  • Evidence of annual signoff against Section 2.4 of AS/NZS 1715:2009 (refer page 23 of the Wood Training catalogue). We can provide a declaration document, please contact us.
  • 23229 USe safety harness system when working at height(or equivalent).
  • 18426 Demonstrate knowledge of hazards associated with confined spaces, and 17599 Plan a confined space entry (or equivalent).
  • 25510 Operate an atmospheric testing device to determine a suitable atmosphere exists to work safety or 3058 Demonstrate knowledge of gas testing, and perform gas tests in an energy and chemical plant (or equivalent).
  • A current first aid certificate consisting of 6402 and 6401 is required
  • Participants are required to sign a declaration that they are in good health (have no medical, physical or psychological conditions that would affect their ability to succeed in this training).

Assessment process

Theory assessment followed by practical assessment which takes place when student is ready/has shown that they can perform all tasks required. The practical consists of multiple scenarios involving locating and rescuing a casualty from a confined space both vertically and horizontally, search and rescue from a smoke filled environment and provision of first aid to prevent further injury/trauma.


To maintain current competency, it is recommended that refresher training occurs regularly. Depending on the industry you work in this may vary. Depending on the industry you work in this may vary. Current Wood Training recommendation is every two years.

Items to bring

  • Photo ID.
  • Comfortable clothing suitable for wearing under overalls.
  • Socks.
  • Covered-in footwear.
  • Water bottle.
  • Change of clothes and towel for available shower.
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Course Length

5 Days


Wood Training Centre
26 Manadon St
New Plymouth

or at customer premises.


$4900 + GST per person

Group rates available

Please be aware, a fuel surcharge may apply.

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Important Information

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Meet The Trainers

Stephen Ritson

Stephen Ritson

Stephen Ritson

Steve’s background includes serving with the Royal Marines Commando, a teacher of Art and Design, Fire Fighter (NZFS), Ship Security Officer maintaining security. His personal passion lies with mountaineering and climbing, bringing valuable rope skills and rescue to the Industrial rope access industry. Steve has a strong understanding of teams working under high pressure in high hazard and high stress environments. He holds a postgraduate Certificate in Education as well as qualifications in Training, Assessment, Rope Access and Occupation and Health and Safety.

Ryan Moss

Ryan Moss

Ryan Moss

Coming from a business background, Ryan worked in the offshore industry before moving onshore to pursue a career as a fire and marine trainer. He has Emergency Care, Fire and Rescue qualifications as well as in the areas of Adult Education and Training. Ryan volunteers his time to work with St John Ambulance as an ambulance officer and as a senior fire fighter with Fire Emergency New Zealand. Ryan stands out as a well-rounded emergency response professional with experience across multiple areas.

Mike Ford

Mike Ford

Mike Ford

Mikes career started with 5 years in the RNZAF specialising in aircraft rescue firefighting. His has 9 years’ experience with FENZ (7 years career and 2 years urban volunteer) this combination provides a rich background of emergency response needs and the training that is required. Mike has just joined the Wood Training team recently and has the knowledge and experience that will be invaluable to developing the future of emergency .

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