We Listened

What you told us needed improving What we did about it ….
Less writing in theory assessment We have looked into alternative ways of authentically assessing to reduce the amount of theory in some assessments. Other tasks need detailed writing as they are higher level – but we will keep reviewing.
More practical work We have incorporated containers for working at heights, permit office, fire container, gas detectors, certified lifting beam.
On-Job assessment We know these can be hard to complete on the job. Your supervisors are busy doing the job. We have incorporated on-job at our site for some of our courses.
Online delivery We know that sometimes you need courses that do not fit within our schedule. Our online courses now fit within your schedule.
Refresher courses Our Refresher courses now cover current thinking and re validate skills and knowledge. They involve learning, discussion and not just assessment.
Eye irritation For a while, we noted that many of you were reporting eye irritation, after being in the pool. We are happy to say this seems to have been resolved.
More lunch For some practical courses we have increased the amount of lunch to make it more substantial. You are welcome.
Inflexibility with course dates Our last employer survey said, that we have improved here.
Course materials need updating We have updated many of our courses and have improved our resources making them more engaging.
Online courses not saving quiz We have found that if you access the online site using a VPN (virtual private network) that originates from Australia, some quiz results and activities were being blocked by organisation’s firewalls.  We have changed the software used for the summative quizzes (the ones that count) so that this does not happen anymore.
Navigation online

Some people who are not used to learning online have experienced confusion about how to navigate and upload assessments.  An Intro to Moodle course is available to all enrolled user where there is a video showing how to upload documents, and we are working on a how-to-navigate video for those new to online courses. 

First Aid course notes

Take home course notes now available so people can revise their knowledge and feel more confident on what to do when confronted with a first aid situation

Covid disruptions

If you let us know that you must cancel a booking due to isolating with Covid, we can rebook you for a later date.  We have some course theory parts pre-recorded that you can access, do the learning, and come to the practical session when out of isolation.

Not having “male” or “Pakeha/European” box to tick in evaluation feedback forms Most of our students are male, and pakeha/European. The demographic of student we have the least of are females, Māori and Pasifika. This tick box allows us to filter responses to hear their voices in our feedback. It is not to disregard everyone else, it is just so we can filter results for students that we have less numbers of to be sure their voices are heard.
Complaints or Issues of Concern What we did about it ….
Issue with one of our trainers We asked many times what the issue was, but no information was provided to us – it is hard to fix what we do not know about. Please tell us if something is not right.
Driving of someone in a Wood Training vehicle Concerns were raised about driving of someone in a Wood Training vehicle. We identified who it was and investigated – there was more to it than the informant was aware, and we are confident that there was a reasonable explanation. We do have regular competency checks of our drivers by a trainer assessor which includes a practical driving test. We do appreciate the time it took for someone to raise their concerns.
Issues with a Forklift course As our forklift is operating on private property, it is by definition not a road, as such the forklift does not have to have all the requirements of a one working on a legal road. Forklift is checked before use using a standard checklist.
Covid exposure Someone was concerned that they contracted Covid on one of our courses. As there is no longer any tracing going on it is difficult to know if that is so, however our main covid controls of ensuing that people who are sick do not come to training is still occurring. We also have hand sanitiser, masks and gloves still available. In our safety briefing we remind people that Covid is still with us.

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