We Listened

What you told us needed improvingWhat we did about it ….
Less writing in theory assessment We have looked into alternative ways of authentically assessing to reduce the amount of theory in some assessments. Other tasks need detailed writing as they are higher level – but we will keep reviewing.
More practical workWe have incorporated containers for working at heights, permit office, fire container, gas detectors, certified lifting beam.
On-Job assessmentWe know these can be hard to complete on the job. Your supervisors are busy doing the job. We have incorporated on-job at our site for some of our courses.
Online deliveryWe know that sometimes you need courses that do not fit within our schedule. Our online courses now fit within your schedule.
Refresher coursesOur Refresher courses now cover current thinking and re validate skills and knowledge. They involve learning, discussion and not just assessment.
Eye irritationFor a while, we noted that many of you were reporting eye irritation, this seems to be resolved. after being in the pool.We are happy to say
More lunchFor some practical courses we have increased the amount of lunch to make it more substantial. You are welcome.
Inflexibility with course datesOur last employer survey said, that we have improved here.
Course materials need updatingWe have updated many of our courses and have improved our resources making them more engaging.

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