Gas Testing – Refresher

This course allows experienced gas testers to update their knowledge of gas and atmospheric testing equipment and demonstrate current competency in gas testing and recording results.


A Gas Testing Refresher certificate will be issued on completion of all assessment requirements.

Course Content

The course focuses on:

  • Explosive mixtures and limits.
  • Flammable and toxic atmospheres.
  • Common gases.
  • Workplace Exposure Standards (WES).
  • Types of gas detection equipment including fixed/semi fixed systems, Chip Management System (CMS), personal / portable electronic devices.
  • Pre gas test equipment checks.
  • Practical gas testing and recording results.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate current knowledge of gas testing terms; commons gases and alarm set points.
  • Identify pre use equipment checks and general features of a gas detector.
  • Perform gas test(s) and/or interpret/record results.

Course structure

The course is a combination of theoretical and practical sessions. Students are assessed continuously during the course.

Course prerequisites

Must hold NZQA US 3058 and/or US 25510 or a documented equivalent that is deemed acceptable by Wood Training.

Assessment process

Theory assessment followed by practical assessment which takes place when student is ready/has shown that they can perform all tasks required.


To maintain current competency, it is recommended refresher training occurs regularly. Depending on the industry you work in this may vary. Current Wood Training recommendation is every two years.

Items to bring

  • Photo ID.
  • Comfortable clothing suitable for participating in practical exercises.
  • Covered-in footwear.
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Course Length

4 Hours


Wood Training Centre
26 Manadon St
New Plymouth

or at customer premises.


$245 + GST per person

Group rates available

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Important Information

Student Handbook

Terms and Conditions

Meet The Trainers

John Williams

John Williams

John Williams

A safety conscious individual, John provides the bridge between training, assessing and employment on many of Taranaki’s oil and gas sites. Holding health and safety roles throughout the region and a passion for hazard identification and confined space entry, John is a well-known trainer and on the job assessor throughout the Taranaki region. John has numerous years of experience in training and his knowledge sees him as a valuable trainer due to his breath of knowledge and practical take on training.

Malcolm White

Malcolm White

Malcolm White

Consultant, Training Facilitator and company director, Mal has a history of work in the oil and gas sector, process operation and hazard management.  He has extensive experience in many roles in the workforce and brings authentic experience to the training situation.  With a background in physics, chemistry, statistics and human anatomy he knows his subject matter well, and this knowledge and experience comes to the fore in his training and delivery.

Stephen Ritson

Stephen Ritson

Stephen Ritson

Steve’s background includes serving with the Royal Marines Commando, a teacher of Art and Design, Fire Fighter (NZFS), Ship Security Officer maintaining security. His personal passion lies with mountaineering and climbing, bringing valuable rope skills and rescue to the Industrial rope access industry. Steve has a strong understanding of teams working under high pressure in high hazard and high stress environments. He holds a postgraduate Certificate in Education as well as qualifications in Training, Assessment, Rope Access and Occupation and Health and Safety.


As Expected.  I would recommend Wood Group.

BTW Company

Good overview of the course and expectations.  Realistic examples - hands on, good open discussion kept positive by the instructor.

Contact Energy

Great course. Top Tutors.


Presenter was knowledgeable, practical & efficient.

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