Standard Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) Theory Digital Delivery

To develop knowledge and skills in helicopter underwater escape techniques including impact preparations, egress with and without push out windows or doors, to then be rescued by fitting a strop during a winch.


After successful completion of the online part of the course, you will be issued with an electronic badge. A Standard HUET Digital Delivery certificate will be awarded to students who successfully complete the online and practical components of the course.

Unit Standard: 32095 L4 C4 V1

Course Content

The course focuses on:

  • knowledge of: safe movement in and around a helicopter; onboard safety equipment; responsibilities of pilot, co-pilot and passenger in the event of an emergency; helicopter emergency landing hazards and actions.
  • demonstrating preparatory actions prior to a helicopter ditching.
  • demonstrating egress from a submerged and capsized helicopter simulator with and without windows or doors.
  • demonstrating fitting of a strop and correct body posture during winching.
  • demonstrating safe boarding of a aviation life raft in water.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course students will be able to:

  • identify and describe helicopter safety and escape equipment, techniques, and procedures
  • demonstrate escape and emergency techniques for a helicopter in the sea, for an offshore installation environment.

Course structure

The course consists of online theoretical learning modules that you work through at your own pace before undertaking a formal assessment. This results in a shorter time being spent in the classroom which will still cover familiarity with equipment and pre ditching activities before undertaking practical activities. Students are assessed continuously during the course.
After you contact Wood Training, we will send you aconfirmation email with a link to the course and a self- enrolment key. You will be prompted in the system to set up a profile, with information that we need for your enrolment.

You will need to have:
– Access to a computer and stable internet

– An email address

Alternative delivery:
This course is also available where all theoretical and practical components are de

Medical requirements

Prior to undertaking the course we must be provided with a copy of one of the following:

  1. a Wood Training Medical Declaration and Screening form – with a sign off from a General Practitioner, OR
  2. a Wood Training Medical Declaration and Screening form accompanied by a current company medical certificate.

Assessment process

Theory assessment takes place online, which is followed at a later date by practical assessments which takes place at our marine training centre when the student is ready/has shown that they can perform all of the tasks required.

Assessment involves two submerged, capsized escapes with and without windows or doors followed by winching via a strop. If a student is deemed not competent, the process for
reassessment will be advised by the instructor.


To maintain current competency, it is recommended that refresher training occurs regularly. Depending on the industry you work in this may vary. Current
Wood Training recommendation is every two years

Items to bring

  • Photo ID.
  • Comfortable clothing for theory sessions.
  • Swimming attire and towel.
  • Thermal top to wear under dry suit (optional).
  • Covered-in footwear.
  • Water bottle.


A current company Medical Certificate accompanied by a Wood Training Medical Self Declaration and Screening form, OR GP-signed Wood Training Medical Self Declaration and Screening form is MANDATORY prior to course commencement.


All students participating in this course which has physically demanding and potentially stressful elements must be physically and mentally capable of participating fully.

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Course Length

1 Day


Online Course


$825 + GST per person

Group rates available

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Important Information

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Meet The Trainers

Chris Davidson

Chris Davidson

Chris Davidson

Qualified Off-Shore Master, Deckhand, Fast Rescue Boat to name just a few, Chris is our lead Marine Trainer.  He holds a qualification in Adult Education and is a qualified OPITO instructor with years of experience at sea as well as in the training and management arena.  His expertise in things marine is without parallel and his passion for health and safety places him at the top of his game.

Stephen Ritson

Stephen Ritson

Stephen Ritson

Steve’s background includes serving with the Royal Marines Commando, a teacher of Art and Design, Fire Fighter (NZFS), Ship Security Officer maintaining security. His personal passion lies with mountaineering and climbing, bringing valuable rope skills and rescue to the Industrial rope access industry. Steve has a strong understanding of teams working under high pressure in high hazard and high stress environments. He holds a postgraduate Certificate in Education as well as qualifications in Training, Assessment, Rope Access and Occupation and Health and Safety.

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