Stability in Time of Change

The only thing constant in education is change. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as reacting to change can drive innovation, keep things fresh and current, and can be the start of new and wonderful things.  Education and training are important parts of the modern-day workforce, and there would be something wrong if everything stayed the same.

The drivers for change this year though, have been extraordinary. 

“Keeping People Safe” is a catch phrase we take seriously, and Covid-19 restrictions kept us on our toes to do just that.  Maintaining our service to industry to keep it working during lockdown made us innovate our courses and move online.  Adapting to this driver for change we can see benefits to having more presence in the digital world, and so our efforts in building a new website, online booking platform (yet to come) and using Social Media more are all part of change at Wood Training. 

We look forward to more change before the sun sets on 2020.  Our new fire ground in Bell Block is in active development and our new marketing videos have us all excited to show you what we can offer you and your business.  Our new extended reach due to online learning have us promoting new courses in health and safety for everyone, from every sector. 

While change may be constant, we know that too much change can be exhausting.  So here are a few things that are not changing.  We will not change our commitment to providing you with the best possible training experience for your business.  We will not change in working with you to meet your workplace training needs.  We will not change the quality of our courses, and the rigour with which we design and present them.

So, while there are changes, some things remain the same. 

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