Health & Safety Consultancy

Woodgroup-PSN UST Consulting Services

Our safety consultancy is designed to provide support to our customers by helping to keep their people safe.

An important and effective consultancy service which provides real information to decision makers, allowing solutions to be engineered and professional judgments to be made. Our safety consultancy services are tailored to the customer’s requirements and could cover:

  • Executive Management
  • Creation of Health and Safety commitment
  • Health and Safety Objectives
  • Hazard Management undertaking actual hazard management exercise in workplace, which includes
  • identifying all hazards
  • assessing hazards for significance
  • developing and implementing controls
  • maintaining records of hazards and their controls
  • Information training and supervision
  • Incident and Accident Reporting, recording and investigation
  • Communication, Information and Consultation
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Contractor controls
  • Developing any inspection checklists
  • Providing information (MSDS) on hazardous substances
  • Maintaining inspection, hazardous substance and training records
  • Developing emergency plans and conducting practices

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